I will discuss this topic with the primary disorder relating to sleep, that is insomnia. Insomnia is a kind of sleep disorganization that makes the person sleepless, and he or she cannot sleep too early at night and wake up too early in the morning. In this way, their sleeping period is distrust and is going to affect their health badly. As the results relating to different scientific studies reveal that regular human sleeping hours are about seven to eight per day, and if a human does not sleep for a full hour, he may encounter stress and health problems. There are different timing periods for insomnia for many peoples, especially in their old ages, and in adults, it lasts for two to four weeks. The timing periods vary, like from week to month, month to years, and so on. It is basically due to the daily routine of today’s stressful life.

The primary cure for insomnia is the massage or the rubbing of your body, which provides relief to your body parts. There is tremendous pressure relieving points available in the human body stimulated by a massage or any physical touch and are necessary for humans’ mental and physical health. If you are done with your message and regular rubbing, you can also rub your body on your own to get more outstanding care and relax. Below I will explain a few pressure points for insomnia that help you tremendously relief and sleep regularly at your particular times.

1. Spirit Gate:

This point is used for treating insomnia and is located on our extreme thirst just below our little finger. For the treatment regarding insomnia, rub your fingers in that area, and you will notice a small hole. Then rub this hole by applying pressure either in the horizontal or vertical direction or in the circular paths inside that hole. You have to continue this process for more than 3-4 minutes. Hold both the left and right sides of the gap by applying gentle pressure for just a few seconds. You have to do the same procedure with both of your hands, and this exercise will help in relaxing your mind, and you can fall asleep.

2. Three Yin Intersection:

This point is located slightly above our ankle. It is the intersection of the three yins in our legs. This point is located at a distance of about four widths of the fingers above the ankle. Apply gentle pressure in different directions on your more massive bone. This pressure applying period is approximately 5 seconds. This procedure helps solve insomnia and also regulate u18xcthe body cramps and many other disorders]. Still, the female should not try it during their pregnancy periods because it affects inducing labor pains.

3. Bubbling Spring:

It is located on our feet sole. When you snuggle your finger inwards, then this appears as a small depression on your soul. The procedure for it is that you lay on your back and bent your knees so that your hands touch your feet. This process is for more than a minute and stabilizes your energy by converting it into potential energy.